Reconversion, jobs & consumer choice

Uplace offers a solution to a number of problems the Vilvoorde-Machelen region has had to deal with for years:
  • Reconversion: For the past 15 years Vilvoorde and Machelen have had a polluted wasteland in their back yard. Uplace transforms this post-industrial site into a vibrant location.
  • Jobs: Uplace creates 3,000 new jobs in a region which, since the closure of the Renault plant, the bankruptcy of Sabena and the departure of DHL, has seen many thousands of jobs disappear.
  • More choice for the consumerBelgium has missed out on investments, jobs and prosperity for many years now. Many Belgian consumers head for London, Paris, Amsterdam or even New York to go shopping and enjoy new experiences. Uplace ensures that from now on consumers will be able to find what they wants in their own country.


    The closing of Renault, followed by the loss of other factories, has created an industrial wasteland. Uplace redevelops an 11 hectare polluted plot of land within the Canal district. Wth Uplace Machelen it brings new life, added value and character to the region of Vilvoorde-Machelen: 
    • 3,000 jobs
    • An improved retail, restaurant and work space
    • Numerous new sport, culture and recreational opportunities
    • More public transportation and better roads


    Uplace brings 3,000 jobs to a region which over the past years has seen many thousands of job losses. Uplace brings permanent jobs; jobs in stores, hotels, the catering industry or leisure activities which are by definition local. In other words: the new jobs will stay.

    More choice for the consumer

    Today's consumer is demanding. People want to feel involved and be inspired; to assess, try and experience the offer. Buying and selling is no longer merely a business transaction. It is a process of seeing, experiencing, trying out and sharing experiences. Preferably in an authentic, surprising and inspiring environment.

    Belgian consumers can see that these expectations are currently not fulfilled in their their country and go to London, Paris, Amsterdam or even New York to spend their euros. Uplace brings these investments and income back to Belgium.

Jean-Pierre De Groef, Mayor of Machelen

The mayor of Machelen Jean-Pierre De Groef sees Uplace as a magnet for the reconversion of his city and the wider area.

Machelen chairman and shopkeeper Dirk De Wulf

For Machelen chairman and shopkeeper Dirk De Wulf the Uplace project has numerous advantages, both for the municipality and for the retail center.

Inhabitants get attractive project in their back garden

Jasmine, Machelen inhabitant, is happy that before long she will be able to go to a musical in her own municipality.

Jobs for semi and unskilled labourers in the region

A GP from Vilvoorde is curious about the effect the arrival of the Uplace project will have.

Advantages for trade in the wider region

Dirk Olaerts, owner of Immolution Vilvoorde, can also see positive effects.

Shopkeeper from the region

Business manager of Gentlemen, Vilvoorde talks about the positive consequences of Uplace for the region.

Positive influence for businesses in the municipality

The owner of a greengrocer’s in Machelen-Diegem believes his business will grow as a result of Uplace Brussels.

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