Experience shopping

Uplace loves retail and is not afraid to show it. Bringing together the finest brands, Uplace upgrades shopping to its full potential. Introducing a retail experience like no other, Uplace turns a city into a happening hot spot.

Non-Stop discovery

Uplace equals sensory shopping. It is about trying, tasting, seeing and believing. It is a place where people go to be inspired by the full brand experience, a place where uniqueness will not go unnoticed. Uplace helps retailers maximize their presence through a state-of-the-art innovation lab and temporary brand spaces, to name just a few. Why stop at having people buy your product when you have the chance to make them love your brand?

Uplace equals an unrivaled shopping experience. Flagship stores, experience stores, temporary brand spaces, specialty shops, brands new to the market or to “brick” retailing, Uplace offers a unique retail mix. Stores are clustered according to appeal so that customers and brands feel right at home.

Never-ending fun

Uplace creates destinations for the entire family. A surprising mix of activities ensures fun for everyone. There is always something new and exciting to see and do at every Uplace development. Book signings, celebrity appearances, cooking classes, live TV and radio broadcasts, creative workshops for kids, international food and drinks… there is always something to make you stay longer, and come back for more.

Surprising service

Everyone is a valued guest at Uplace. Uplace is about the little things that matter, that make life a little more comfortable. Valet service, fingerprint payment, bag collection, laundry services, personal shoppers, comfortable lounges, … it’s the little extras that give our guests a good reason to come back.

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"You feel the world through your senses, the five senses, and that's what's next.

The brands that can move to that emotional level, that can create loyalty beyond reason, are going to be the brands where premium profits lie.
Uplace recognizes the power of emotion.

- Saatchi & Saatchi, Uplace partner
"If somebody doesn't try 'em, they're not going to buy 'em.

The Uplace concept is geared exactly to this kind of sensory shopping.

- Paco Underhill - Envirosell, Uplace partner
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