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Facts & Figures

Situated on remediated land next to the Vilvoorde viaduct, Uplace will breathe new life into the Noordrand
A quarter of Uplace is dedicated to squares, gardens and terraces, a quarter to shops, a quarter to offices and a quarter to places to relax such as restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, a wellness and fitness center, hotel, etc.
3.249 permanent jobs
5.627 jobs during the construction phase
Uplace is investing EUR 600 million
270 brand new experience stores


m2 of green roofs, i.e. the size of a soccer field
m of new cycle paths in the surrounding area
Reservoirs used to collect 25 million liters of rainwater, equivalent to the annual consumption of 57.600 households
2.4 million kwh/year saved due to non-heated shopping streets, equivalent to the annual consumption of 685 households
% reduction in waste production at Uplace thanks to strict waste sorting and recycling
% arrangements with retailers around sustainability.
Investment of 5 millions euro in the remediation of contaminated former industrial site
Zero-emission and BREEAM Excellent certificate
  • "For me, the most important aspect is not necessarily to stimulate innovation - it's rather to avoid that innovation is blocked."

    Dominique Michel
    Dominique Michel CEO Comeos
  • "Innovation is a passion. Today, we realise 85% of our revenue with business lines that didn't even exist 25 years ago."

    Jan Manssens
    Jan Manssens Director Strategy, Growth and innovation in the Enterprise Division of Proximus
  • "Innovation is not a product, but it is a customer's need which we try to answer. People are the key to everything."

    Luc Bertrand
    Luc Bertrand Chairman Ackermans & van Haarlen
  • "Innovation is about daring. Dare to change. Dare to question what seems to be obvious. Dare to undertake."

    Paul Kumpen
    Paul Kumpen Chairman VOKA
  • "The projected population growth in the region Brabant - Brussels adds, every three years,  an additional retail potential equal to the main shopping spent of a medium-sized city like Kortrijk or Mechelen."

    Pascal Steeland
    Pascal Steeland WES Research & Strategy
  • "Uplace, at its conception, was way ahead of its time. So - yes, it definitely gives an answer to today's demands and trends."

    Gino Van Ossel
    Gino Van Ossel Professor Retail Marketing
  • "New concepts are essential for retail"

    Luc Notredame
    Luc Notredame FORMEN
  • "1 out of 3 Belgians indictated in our study that they miss a project like Uplace in today's entertainment offer."

    Magali Geens
    Magali Geens Insites Consulting
  • "Once you get to know Uplace better, you can't object the project. Job creation, a clean site, shopping possibilities, relaxation and plenty of green."

    Jeanne Pionet
    Jeanne Pionet Buurtbewoonster
  • We'll already be delighted if a mere 1% of the many Uplace visitors find their way to the local retailers.” - Yves Verbesselt – manager, Bistro Kaffee FM Machelen

    Yves Verbesselt
    Yves Verbesselt Bistro Kaffee FM Machelen
  • Uplace is a dream location for young startups, however small.” PIETER-JAN MANGELSCHOTS – young entrepreneur, Spartan Careers

    Pieter-Jan Mangelschots
    Pieter-Jan Mangelschots Spartan Careers
  • “Everybody in the region, from young to old, will benefit.”

    Kelly Debeerst
    Kelly Debeerst Puéricultrice originaire de Machelen
  • “Going to the cinema, the theatre, or just going out for a drink… it's possible at Uplace.”

    Aglaia Lahor
    Aglaia Lahor Porte-parole de la jeunesse locale