11th Participation procedure for Uplace

After the annulment of the building permit by the Council of Permit Disputes, the procedure to obtain a building permit is resumed. Legally, this comes with a new participation procedure that’ll start on August 3rd 2016. The procedure lasts sixty days, and is the 11th participation procedure in 8 years’ time for Uplace.

We are resuming the on-going procedure, which means we are not applying a new request. The fact that a new Regional Spatial Development Plan (RSDP) of the Flemish Strategic Area around Brussels (FSAB) has been in place, makes the new participation procedure necessary.

On July 5th, the Council of Permit Disputes (Raad voor Vergunningsbetwistingen) annihilated the building permit. The sole reason for that annulment is the fact that the permit was based on the old Spatial Development Plan (FSAB RSDP), that had been annihilated in 2014. The Council could not take the fact into account that a new FSAB RSDP, approved by the entire Flemish Government in January 2016, was in place. In the new FSAB RSDP, the flaws of the old plans were atoned. The building permit was not withdrawn on substantive arguments, but on a pure legal defect.

Uplace is confident in the outcome of this participation procedure, as it is the 11th time the project goes through such procedure, and as the project is solid and well documented. Uplace also believes the resumed procedure for the building permit will end well. Uplace is convinced that a building permit can be delivered within a reasonable period of time. If everything goes according to plan, we can still maintain the scheduled timing of the first stone, early 2017. This means the innovative experience center is moving forward to its grand opening in 2019, and the 5.628 jobs during construction and 3.250 permanent jobs after opening come one step closer.