150 known brands, another 150 dreams to go

150 known brands, another 150 dreams to go


A mix of brands

The magic mix of retailers, experiences and culinary stops is a true tour de force which we are working on every day, and the Uplace team continues to travel the world in search of the latest trends. In the meantime, 50 % of the entire surface has already been filled. National and international brands are working on their Uplace experience behind the scenes. Part of the office and store spaces have been reserved for startups. Uplace has a very clear mission: to bring unique experiences and concepts to the Belgian market and to offer young entrepreneurs new opportunities.


Complementary to the existing retail trade in the area

The new store concepts coming to Uplace are a perfect complement to the current retail trade in the wider surroundings. Brands will use Uplace to launch new concepts. These shops will become a marketing tool rather than an ordinary sales channel. Daily shopping will continue to flourish in the town centres and in the shops along the road close to Uplace.

Small retailers in village centres offer completely different products and services to those proposed at Uplace. Furthermore, towns and communes are responsible for ensuring that shopping in their centres is pleasant, safe and above all, easily accessible. Consumers will perceive Uplace as a place for a day out, like a day at the sea or a theme park. Visits to Uplace will be much less frequent than their daily or weekly visits to the butcher or baker, or the garden centre along the main road. By contrast, Uplace will attract other visitors, who also shop in the neighbouring towns and communes, or enjoy a drinking a cold beer on a terrace or at the market in Vilvoorde.

A great flow of dreams and ideas

Have you got a unique idea? Would you like to know whether your concept fits in with Uplace? Are you looking for support in creating an experiential concept around your brand? Email us at letstalk@uplaceexperience.com and we’ll start working on it!