30 % less waste, 100 % more fun

30 % less waste, 100 % more fun


30 % less waste

Extensive sorting and recycling systems will ensure a 30 % reduction in waste production. In addition, we are making arrangements with the future retailers to ensure that their operations produce a minimum of waste. Together, we shall endeavour to become ‘greener’ every year.

100 % more fun!

Who says that recycling isn’t fun? The theme Park De Efteling has been showing the way for more than 30 years with its iconic Holle Bolle Gijs bins.

In Sweden, ‘The World’s Deepest Bin’ equipped with a similar combination of light sensors and sound effects, has proved effective with the spontaneous collection of 72 kilograms of waste.

We are also looking at existing or future technologies used in other countries that will help to reduce waste to a minimum.

Interested in what Uplace has in store? You’ll find out soon!