60% of Belgians feel Uplace is pure innovation

In 2004, the first seeds for the Uplace project in Machelen were planted. The concept: an experience location bringing together numerous relaxation possibilities, a day trip for the whole family and a new meeting place for the neighbourhood, unique in the Benelux.

Now, more than 10 years later, the concept of having everything under one roof is more relevant than ever. That was the result of market research office InSites Consulting’s study.

It asked Belgians about their opinion on Uplace. It found that 60% of consumers consider Uplace a highly innovative concept. A very high score, because this ranks Uplace among the top 20 most innovative concepts in Belgium.

This high score can mainly be accounted for by the fact that the Belgians surveyed were pleasantly surprised when they found out that Uplace was to be a real experience center where you can spend the whole day. 1 in 3 Belgians even stated that they miss a project like Uplace in Belgium. 8 in 10 Belgians would visit Uplace once it has opened its doors.