A culinary trip around the world

Tasting the world

More than 50 restaurants and cafes will take you on an exceptional culinary journey. Fancy dipping back into the atmosphere of your trip to Thailand? Are you a fan of New York fusion restaurants? Dying to try a real old-fashioned Brussels waffle? Or would you prefer an English afternoon tea? Get ready for a mouth-watering experience! From the many requests we have received, we shall select a mix allowing you to discover a range of gustatory sensations. Are you in the mood for a quick (healthy) bite to eat, looking for a place suitable for children or a pleasant restaurant for lunch? We’ll be offering every option imaginable. The sky’s the limit! All the more so in our glass office tower, where you and your clients will be able to enjoy a business lunch while enjoying the panoramic view as you savour the offering of culinary specialties.  

Surprising culinary concepts

Some culinary delights awaken several senses at the same time. While others focus on the wider experience and aren’t simply limited to your plate. Smells, colours, surprising flavours, new textures… Such as sushi that goes by you on a conveyor belt. Or the culinary show performed by a Japanese chef, trained in the art of the sabre. And all those specialities you have never tasted before. Do you know of a place where ice cream is prepared before your very eyes, with fresh milk and liquid nitrogen? Or a chocolate-maker who lets you make your own chocolates? You’ll be able to discover them soon… at Uplace! “We want our business in Uplace to be a showcase as well as a way to make ourselves known worldwide. Because our ultimate goal is to conquer the international market with our strong Meat & Eat brand".