A peek at the Uplace offer

A peek at the Uplace offer

If you think Uplace is only about shops, then you’re wrong. Thanks to a leisure offer covering 34 % of the total surface area, Uplace is the perfect place for a family day out. Sports activities, places to eat and culture: everything is possible at Uplace. But what does Uplace have to offer? Let’s take a peek!

The central square, which could be considered the site’s beating heart and the perfect meeting place, opens onto a multipurpose theatre and cinema equipped with the latest technology. The goal of the Uplace cinema is to revive the history of Belgian cinema in the region. Few people know it, but there were actually film studios on this spot more than 80 years ago. The magnificent Château de Belval stood in the middle of an idyllic 14-ha park. The pioneer of Belgian film, Hippolyte De Kempeneer, decided to set up the professional Belga Films studios here. Between 1922 and 1926, Machelen became the paradise of the film industry. Some 20 silent film were shot there, often by well-known directors who worked with Belgian and foreign actors, and sometimes local extras. Sadly, Belga Films wasn’t able to fight off the competition from France and, four years after it was set up, it was forced to close its doors. Nearly 100 years later, the arrival of Uplace will help to give this rich cinematographic history a new lease of life. Uplace is therefore proud to offer a cinema complex with more than ten screens, run by Belga films.

Belga films

Places to eat will also be of prime importance at Uplace. Visitors can discover dishes from around the world at Mo Aoulad’s Meat & Eat café, among other places. An ambitious man, Mo Aoulad has loved cooking since he was little. His father ran a butcher’s shop in Antwerp for 40 years and when he retired, Mo (one of his nine sons) decided to continue the tradition. After training as a chef and gaining experience in several top restaurants, Mo decided to turn his father’s butcher’s shop into a café: that’s how Meat & Eat came about.“We want our dishes to convey the values and standards instilled in us at home: a love of work, top quality products and a personalised service where the customers aren’t numbers. We want our customers to enjoy a unique experience at Meat & Eat, in a warm atmosphere. These are characteristics you can also find at Uplace: quality is essential and the best concepts have been brought together under the same roof, in order to offer visitors a unique experience. Our restaurant at Uplace will be our calling card and will allow us to open up to the world. Because in the end, we want our strong brand, Meat & Eat, to have an international dimension.

Discover Meat & Eat in the following video: