A project generating jobs

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Before it even welcomes its first visitors, Uplace will have already created thousands of jobs. Engineering firms, architects and builders will all be working to ensure the project’s safe and sustainable implementation. This is concluded by Cambridge University, who assessed the socio-economic impact of Uplace on the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone.

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Retail ideal for young unemployed

In 2013, professor Jozef Konings of the Royal University in Leuven concluded that retail is an important source of employment for the most vulnerable groups in our society. In his ‘Economic analysis of the retail trade’ he states: “The retail trade is an important sector able to absorb or reduce our increasing youth unemployment. More young and low-skilled people work in the retail trade than in any other sector.”janDenys

Nieuwe jobs nodig

Jan Denys, employment specialist at Randstad, also shares this view. “Annually there is approximately 6% job destruction. There are no indications that this is increasing, although it is often perceived as such when redundancies are announced. The latent fear of job destruction can only be counteracted by creating enough new jobs - and that is exactly what Uplace is doing. The jobs are in many cases non-skilled and exactly the type of jobs under pressure in other sectors."