A third place: the ultimate life-work balance


The Uplace concept is the result of two years of extensive research carried out with partners such as the Columbia Business School in New York, McKinsey & Company, the Vlerick School, Tuck Business School, Envirosell & Paco Underhill, and Synovate Censydiam. Two trends were clearly identified: increasing time pressures and a desire for new experiences. We all want to be a perfect parent, friend, colleague or partner. And we want to flourish and discover new things. We like to be surprised and be free. All that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Well, soon it is going to be possible – close to home.

A one-stop-shop for top talent


At Uplace, there will be innovative shops, cafes and restaurants, spacious offices with gardens, a fitness centre, a cinema, a theatre, a hotel, a childcare centre and an oasis of public greenery at a highly visible top location only 10 minutes from Brussels. With its direct access to several train stations and Brussels Airport, we expect to welcome international visitors who want to make the most of this fantastic and incredibly well-situated location. 'The gift of time' as a real estate concept. Quality time as an undeniable asset in the race for talent and brand experience.


More free time thanks to service providers

The sophisticated mix of service providers in the vast space dedicated to offices will help you get more done in a single day. While your kids go out to explore, you can pop into the dentist’s or the doctor’s, take your clothes to the dry cleaner’s, make the most of your gym subscription or get your hair done. And while you sit down with your family for lunch, you’ll realise that your to-do list has already been reduced by half, allowing you to relax while deciding what to do in the afternoon based on what is currently on offer. Thanks to our third places, you will seem to have even more hours in your day!