About Uplace


What is Uplace?

Uplace is an international lifestyle / real estate group whose aim is to breathe new life into towns by establishing innovative projects. How? By creating unique destinations where working, living and relaxing seamlessly blend together. Uplace develops, invests and manages experience destinations which act as a ‘third place’ between home and work. In addition, Uplace specialises in work spaces, offering towns office space tailored to company and employee needs. Uplace was set up by the team that turned the logistics division of real estate developer Eurinpro into an international success. With Aannemingen Verelst, Eurinpro and now Uplace, the team has accumulated extensive experience in innovation in real estate. With Aannemingen Verelst, it played a pioneering role in the field of entrepreneurship, and with Eurinpro (later taken over by Goodman), it became the No. 1 pioneer in real estate logistics.



Over the years, Uplace has worked with forward-thinking design offices that keep a constant eye on what is new or upcoming in society. This means taking a scientific approach, listening to the needs and wishes of the market, applying complete vertical integration and innovating. But most of all, it means bringing a team of committed professionals from different backgrounds together to pursue one single vision. Discover more about the dedicated Uplace team behind this unique project.

When implementing its developments, Uplace opts for an approach that is completely different to that of other project developers. While traditional retail developers put the product first, Uplace gives priority to experiences and their value  people feel when in contact with the product. Another major difference is that the average retail developer will sell a project once it is finished. Uplace remains the owner of its creation and continues to make considerable investments, thus guaranteeing a sustainable and long-term vision as regards the end product.

Uplace offers a unique combination of entertainment, interaction and inspiration. It is a fusion of relaxation and fun, working and shopping, learning and socialising, all under one roof, making the life of its guests just that little bit easier and more comfortable.