Accelerating green traffic

We already have hybrid cars, electric cars are appearing at a faster pace and self-driving cars are no longer science fiction. This will all have a huge impact on traffic and on the way in which we deal with mobility. As an innovative developer, Uplace is involved in researching the latest trends and developments in the fields of mobility on a daily basis. Because even when it comes to mobility, Uplace wants to lead the pack.

Spacious and smart parking

With almost 6,000 spacious parking places Uplace is aiming at a smooth and safe flow of traffic in the area. By way of a smart guidance system, visitors using cars will be guided along the most traffic-friendly route to the parking area and when leaving drivers are guided home along the most efficient way. Parking places are approximately 20 cm wider to enable drivers to enter the parking spaces more smoothly and in this way limit the impact on traffic in the surrounding area.

High tech communication for an ideal visit

When you plan a trip to Uplace, whether for the entire day, a relaxing afternoon or a night out, whether using public transport, coming by bicycle or on foot: at any time of the day our App will help you get to Uplace quickly and safely. The App provides you with the most efficient route and the means of transport that best suits you. If you wish, we even track your route, reserve a parking space in advance or make sure there is a cup of coffee ready for you.

Sustainable mobility

One of the most important economic and social issues today is the quest for sustainable mobility. National and international authorities are setting ambitious targets for the future and the transport sector also continues to prioritise green traffic. Tomorrow’s mobility is coming our way at high speed. A revolution is imminent with regard to electric and hybrid vehicles. Car manufacturers are hoping that by 2025 the sale of electric vehicles will make up a quarter of their total turnover. But that also creates a few challenges, such as the electric network of charging points. At Uplace we will of course contribute to that with a parking area providing plenty of charging points.