A new place for culture

A new place for culture


A unique theater for 3000 visitors

In addition to the cinema with ten rooms, the multifunctional Uplace theatre space offers also space for visual spectacles. Both local and international stars will soon conquer a place on the local culture agenda. Ballet, musicals, revues, concerts, stand-up comedy, exhibitions, school performances, … Uplace will be a must for cultural events!


Spaces to play

In addition to retail space and offices, we expect a lot of entertainment at Uplace. Together with all stakeholders and interested parties we fill in the coming years. A gym, a children’s land, restaurants, … are already on the program. We get daily phone calls from entrepreneurs who want to realise their dream at Uplace. The coming months, more and more puzzle pieces will to fall into place. Subscribe to our newsletter or download the app for all the updates!

Uplace Machelen