Better access

Better access


A master plan for mobility

Uplace will be spending more than EUR 15 million on infrastructure for better access to the project. This sum supports the efforts currently deployed by the Flemish Government and the commune of Machelen to enhance mobility in the Flemish Noordrand. The master plan will have been fully implemented by the time Uplace opens in 2018. You can see the plan here.


A network of means of transport for a quick visit

Of course, the residents of the area surrounding Uplace will want to come here by bike or on foot. The total investment package caters to this need by providing additional cycle paths and safe crossings.

Obviously, there will also be an extensive public transport network. A high-frequency shuttle bus serving the project area will run between Vilvoorde station and Brussels Airport, and will have access to a special bus lane. SNCB, Infrabel and the Flemish Government will be jointly responsible for building a station for train lines 26 and 27, whose entrance will be 200 metres from the site.