Culture, art and kitsch

Culture, art and kitsch


Discover the artist in you

Uplace’s calendar of events will soon be chock-a-block. A team of professional organisers led by a real general director will help you discover your talents. Would you like to cook with a Michelin-starred chef? Paint with an urban artist? Garden with an arborist? We will make a note of it in our agenda!


Ballet and Broadway at the Uplace theatre

In addition to the ultra-modern cinema, the Uplace theatre is also available for shows and events from all over the world. The cleverly built modular theatre is multifunctional and perfectly adaptable to the needs of any organiser. Today, a famous rock band performing in front of 3 000 enthusiastic fans; tomorrow, a cosy jazz session. Musicals, stand-up comedy, opera, classical concerts… anything is possible. Uplace offers the perfect alternative to large venues and small private clubs.

Obviously, we shall be working together with local cultural centres to give local heroes, amateurs and school shows a place among the international stars. Why not a performance by the Jazzmijn dance school? Anything’s possible at Uplace! We cater to everyone’s needs – a spot of culture is the perfect way to round off your day!