Definitive launch of Uplace and the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone confirmed

Definitive launch of Uplace and the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone confirmed

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  • The Flemish Government has definitively opted for Uplace as a driver for innovation for the Canal Zone reconversion and is therefore fully investing in job creation
  • Notes on the opinion of the Council of State were followed and strengthen the decision-making of the Flemish Government

Last week, the Council of State (department Legislation) formulated a few legal-technical comments on the approval in principle by the Flemish Government of the FSAB RSDP, of which Uplace is a part. Today the Flemish Government, in response to the comments of the Council of State, has given final approval to the plan. This means the launch of the whole reconversion zone and also of Uplace. Through this decision, the Flemish Government is supporting the Uplace project for the 12th time and definitively chooses Uplace as a driver for the creation of thousands of jobs: 5,600 during the construction phase, 3,250 after the opening, and thousands of jobs that will be created in the reconversion zone in addition to Uplace. The development of the entire reconversion zone can finally begin.

The Flemish Government follows the advice of the Council of State, enhancing its decision-making

Much thorough research was carried out prior to the provisional acceptance of 13 February 2015. The public inquiry period that followed did not bring any new evidence to light that would justify a departure from the provisional acceptance. The opinion of the Council of State, after the approval in principle of 3 December 2015, contained legal-technical remarks that were perfectly solvable. The Flemish Government has complied with the remarks. In doing so, the Flemish Government has shown that it is able to deliver solid work. The final decision concerning the FSAB RSDP has been strengthened, meaning that further remediation will not be required.

Uplace is delighted with this definitive launch.

Jan Van Lancker, CEO of Uplace, was pleased with the outcome: “This final decision is an important milestone for the project and the entire Canal Zone, which was left in a deteriorating condition for several decades. We can now speak of a definitive “yes” from the Flemish Government, thanks to which we can finally fulfil our role as a driver for the revival of the entire reconversion zone. If everything goes according to plan, the first brick will be laid in late 2016, and the opening is scheduled to take place two years later, in late 2018.