Environment & particulates

A safe, clean and pleasant neighbourhood: that is what we are aiming for! This is why we also want to be pioneers in the environmental field and, where possible, join in creating a more pleasant and healthier neighbourhood. We are currently examining how we can contribute to this social issue and develop a climate-neutral project. One line of thought is using functional green space.

Functional greenery as a weapon in the battle for better air quality

_z6a6937-elma-schoenmakerAccording to functional green space expert Elma Schoenmakers, the layout of an area can provide many benefits:A dense green structure can create a protected area, insulated from the polluted air. One relatively small tree in a city each year captures the amount of fine dust particles created by a vehicle being driven for 3,000 kilometres. Shrubs and even all kinds of ground cover plants capture exhaust gases, tyre residue and dust particles of roads. The location of the vegetation plays an important role. Sometimes green roofs and façades are the best choice because they filter the air, but do not obstruct the wind. Each type of greenery has its own characteristics. The right tree in the right place provides an optimum effect. The current scaremongering we are seeing is certainly not the way to accompany construction projects. Thinking ahead, maximising green technology and creating a fun environment: that is what we need to do."






Already during the construction stage, we will make optimum use of transport methods using railways and waterways to transport building materials. This not only provides relief to the neighbourhood - because less freight traffic is required - but it is also better for the environment.