How to get to Uplace

How to get to Uplace


Where is Uplace?

Uplace is located on the inside of the Brussels Ring, in the Vilvoorde – Machelen reconversion zone. Its exact location is between Woluwelaan, Nieuwbrugstraat, Beaulieustraat and Rittwegerlaan in the commune of Machelen.


An intelligent master plan for smooth mobility

Uplace is part of a larger reconversion zone, awaiting new investments and economic activity. We are fully aware that Uplace is located in an area of heavy traffic in Flanders. Together with the respective authorities, we have given much thought to mobility and access to the entire reconversion zone, and the Uplace site in particular. A general master plan has identified the major bottlenecks, which are currently being addressed in different phases. Our own investment in support measures for mobility and public transport relating specifically to the Uplace site are in excess of EUR 15 million.

In addition, the Flemish Government and the municipality of Machelen will make considerable investments to improve mobility and public transport, regardless of the developments concerning the Uplace project. These investments are necessary for the entire reconversion zone and will ensure better accessibility to it as well as a considerable expansion of the public transport network’s capacity.

All these measures for the reconversion zone and Uplace are outlined in a well-thought-out master plan. We are happy to share it with you:

The master plan takes into account the different methods of transport: considerable investments will be made to ensure good access by bus, train, tram, bicycle and car.



People transport

Several roads and streets will be redeveloped in and around the Uplace site. For instance, Woluwelaan will become a real tree-lined avenue, with trees on either side and in the central reservation. Vulnerable road users will be protected and will be able to move around in a pleasant and safe environment. Several junctions are also being adapted to ensure smooth through traffic on Woluwelaan.

Exit 5 (Machelen) on the Ring will be closed and moved to an existing entry and exit complex located at the cloverleaf interchange of the E19 and the Ring, which hasn’t been used for over 30 years. The entry and exit complex will be adapted to create a new connection to Woluwelaan. This means that Uplace won’t have its ‘own’ exit on the Ring, but will be connected to the Ring via Woluwelaan. The project can be reached through a tunnel and a bridge opening onto Woluwelaan, which have been specially developed for this purpose. These measures ensure uninterrupted through traffic in both directions on Woluwelaan, while minimising the burden on local roads from traffic heading specifically for Uplace. Uplace’s EUR 15 million contribution fully covers the costs of the bridge and the tunnel.

The connection of the new Ring-Woluwelaan exit has been cleverly designed. Traffic from the Ring will go through an intelligent traffic light zone. Traffic from Diegem to Machelen will pass through a tunnel below the new intersection. All these measures safeguard smooth traffic flow.

Soft mobility receives special attention

A great of attention has been paid to slow traffic: extra cycle paths for cyclists and safe pedestrian crossings on Woluwelaan. In addition, the roads and streets around Machelen will be resurfaced to make cycling and walking in the entire neighbourhood more pleasant.

Train – tram – bus

You will also be able to make use of an extensive public transport network that will benefit the entire reconversion zone. De Lijn will use a bus lane with a stop just outside the project, which will be replaced by a tram line at a later stage. The service will involve a new shuttle bus on a high-frequency route, connecting the existing IC train station at Vilvoorde with Brussels Airport. This will create an additional link to existing high-frequency train routes. SNCB, Infrabel and the Flemish Government will be responsible for building a new train station (on Kerklaan) for train lines 26 and 27, with an entrance 200 metres from the site.


Uplace as a catalyst for mobility investments in the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone

The Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone has been waiting for new investments and economic activities for many years. This goes hand in hand with investments aimed at optimising its accessibility and opening up the area. The fact that Uplace is willing to invest in the area has provided considerable leverage for mobility investments in the entire region. For instance, there is the new Vilvoorde hospital, the new SME zone, the residential area near the Vaart, and other retail projects in Vilvoorde. They will all benefit from the considerable investments in mobility in the region. For example, Uplace has provided leverage to bring the entry and exit complex of the Ring and the E19 back into use after 30 years. The works will be carried out in any case, regardless of the developments relating to our project.

Is it easy to find a parking space?

Yes, absolutely! Uplace is planning to build a car park for 6 000 cars. The calculations concerning parking needs result from an extensive mobility study carried out within the framework of the EIR (Environmental Impact Report) for the Uplace project.  An internal traffic study was also carried out within the scope of the building permit application to ensure a smooth exit from the car park as well as good access to the surrounding road network.

The car park has been designed in such a way so that it is easy to navigate without being hampered by concrete columns. The parking spaces will be bigger than those in usual car parks. An additional width of 20 cm per space will ensure smooth manoeuvring. Furthermore, the car park is equipped with the latest parking guidance systems to help motorists quickly find vacant parking spaces. When leaving, the system indicates the best way out.

High-tech communication for an ideal visit

To ensure traffic runs smoothly, we have planned the latest high-tech communication systems, capable of indicating the best route and the best means of transport to Uplace at any given time. If you like, we can even work out your route for you, book your parking space and have a cup of coffee waiting for you on your arrival. Our app will also keep you informed on the progress of our project during the construction phase. Download it now!

Would you like to know exactly which measures are planned? Look at the schedule for a complete overview.  (link to schedule)