Innovation from start to finish

The first seeds for a new 'experience destination' in Belgium were sown in 2006. The starting point: to give the region a makeover, provide a unique meeting place with a mix of activities, and create a new community. Above all, Uplace should be an innovative melting pot that offers exactly what its visitors want.  

Bringing bricks to life every moment of every day

Recent studies have shown that time has become a rare thing in today’s society. Belgians are looking for a truly mixed-use destination, unique in Belgium: a place where working, shopping and fun intermingle. It’s not about the buildings, shops, venues and squares, it’s about the visitors. The bricks will come to life, through a busy calendar of events with something for everyone: cooking classes, local DJs performing, a play corner for toddlers, fashion shows, the launch of the latest car, etc. A day out at Uplace with the whole family will be about surprises or relaxing together – everything is possible. That's how Uplace will bring people back together.  

Admiration and surprises around every corner

RetailhoekIt's not only the combination of activities that's unique, but also every brand and every experience that’s coming to Uplace. You can discover the latest shops, offices, restaurants, bars and fun experiences at Uplace. Tenants have signed leases with the promise of bringing their latest experience to Uplace. It will be an inspiring place, where innovation will grow organically.  

The "smartest" experience destination in Benelux

However, this doesn't mean that technology isn't welcome. On the contrary. Smart technology applications will offer visitors the best experience possible. They will receive updates on their smartphone about upcoming activities, bus and train schedules in the area, the best route to take to get to Uplace or the latest releases at the cinema. On top of that, applications will be implemented to optimize efficiency and sustainability so that the buildings, offices, shops and open shopping streets can be managed as energy efficiently as possible.