Jobs for low-skilled job seekers

There are more than 16,000 unemployed people in the region: Uplace will at least contribute to a solution to that problem. Especially the many low-skilled and young people in the area will be given an opportunity at Uplace. In the past ten years, unemployment in the region Halle-Vilvoorde has increased by more than 16%. The economic crisis has severely affected the region. Unemployment in Flanders has fallen in the last few years but in the region Halle-Vilvoorde, unemployment figures have hardly improved in the last year: 0.4% as compared to 3% for the whole of Flanders. It is therefore not surprising that the residents are welcoming any economic investment resulting in a revival of the area.

Increasing number of low-skilled job seekers

The good news is that in the last few years the number of vacancies has slightly increased. However, these are mainly vacancies for highly-skilled workers. The region Halle-Vilvoorde today has more than 6,800 low-skilled job seekers, an increase in comparison to previous years. And it is these types of jobs that will be created by the activities of Uplace. There will be vacancies for retail staff, beauticians, stock replenishers, hotel staff, nursery staff, security staff and many, many more opportunities.