3,249 permanent jobs

5.627  jobs during the construction phase

Before it even welcomes its first visitors, Uplace will have already created thousands of jobs. Engineering firms, architects and builders will all be working to ensure the project’s safe and sustainable implementation. This is concluded by Cambridge University, who assessed the socio-economic impact of Uplace on the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone.

3.249 permanent jobs after the opening

Uplace will provide 3.249 jobs in a region that has seen thousands of job losses in the last few years. The region currently faces a high level of unemployment, so Uplace has arrived at just the right time to offer support and thus improve the local situation. Everybody likes working close to home and Uplace will offer permanent jobs in shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes, and in leisure facilities. There will be jobs for shelf stockers, shop assistants, beauticians, hotel workers, child carers, security staff and many others. In addition, countless local entrepreneurs and freelance professionals will find a vibrant breeding ground for their activities in and around the Uplace site. The office premises will include dedicated spaces for young entrepreneurs and local talent who, in turn, will create further employment.