Laura Van Waeyenberge* – A communications champion and your point of contact

Laura Van Waeyenberge* – A communications champion and your point of contact

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“I knew Uplace mostly because of all the misperceptions surrounding the project. However, it didn’t take me long to realise what a fantastic project this is, and one that will boost the entire northern periphery of Brussels. My own family comes from Machelen and as a child, I used to play in my grandmother’s garden, under Vilvoorde bridge. I have a passion for communication and I understand perfectly well that we have the responsibility to make sure all our stakeholders understand exactly what our innovative project entails. First and foremost, communication means providing clear and concise information, with a considerable dose of empathy. A strong case like Uplace makes it a real pleasure to take up the challenge.”

Laura began her career in communications behind the camera. It was Paul Jambers himself who taught her how to deal efficiently with the difficulties of research. After trying her hand at a variety of roles, she chose the other side of the camera and took up the position of spokesperson, specialising in retail and real estate. She has been the communications all-rounder at Uplace for several months now, adding a female touch to this primarily male legal biotope. Difficult communications cases are no stranger to her. And as she is not in the habit of mincing her words, she is perfectly capable of defending them right to the end.

Contact Information:

Laura Van Waeyenberge – PR & Communications Manager

T: +    |   M: +32.476.25.55.93    |   E:

A: Kasteel van Bever    |   Boechoutlaan 221    |   1853 Strombeek-Bever    |   Belgium


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