Maximum (green) energy savings

Maximum (green) energy savings


As little CO as possible

Uplace has deliberately opted for open-air shopping and pedestrian areas to minimise energy consumption. This means that you can enjoy the fresh air while you shop, but you won’t get wet if it rains. The smart architecture draws the daylight into the buildings, thus saving a massive 2.4 million kWh per year – the average consumption of approximately 685 families. State-of-the-art heat pumps will help to drastically reduce heating and cooling costs in the other areas. These system recover up to 80 % of the energy supplied by their environment (air, soil or water), achieving a drastic reduction in CO₂ emissions as well as energy consumption.



Smart lighting for reduced consumption

The many windows will allow you to take full advantage of natural daylight throughout the project. Smart LED lights will further reduce the lighting costs. Mobility sensors shall ensure that lights only come on when necessary.