Public transport

Uplace continues to prioritise public transport. This is why we have focused on an expansion of the existing public transport network for the entire region.

Together with the Flemish government we have  from the very start  worked on the development of a thorough mobility plan which will benefit the entire reconversion zone of Vilvoorde-Machelen. The following is an overview of the various measures to be taken:

A new train station at Machelen-Kerklaan

A new train station "Machelen-Kerklaan” will be built at only 200 meters walking distance of Uplace, and will also have an exit in the Nieuwbrugstraat. Any commuters working at Uplace or in the surrounding area will be able to count on 4 trains per hour during peak hours in both directions with a smooth connection to both Brussels and Antwerp. Visitors too will be able to enjoy travelling by train and having their shopping delivered at home.

The new train station will be ready before the official opening of Uplace.

tram 2

Very frequent shuttle bus

In addition to the existing bus lines in the neighbourhood, Uplace has come to an agreement with De Lijn to add another shuttle bus. This shuttle bus will have its own dedicated lane on the Woluwelaan to ensure a smooth and safe passage. The bus will drive between Vilvoorde train station and Zaventem airport, and stop at the new bus stop at Uplace. The shuttle bus will drive up an down more frequently than a normal bus in order to also stimulate train use. We have an agreement with De Lijn and will annually pay EUR 500,000 for this link, which will be operational before the official opening. In due course, the shuttle bus will be replaced by the Ring Tram, which will run from Jette to Zaventem. The bus stop at Uplace will then become a tram stop.


Flemish Minister for Mobility Ben Weyts has decreed on 25/11/2016 that from 2019 onward trambuses will also run on the Ring Road between Heysel and Brussels Airport. The Minister is investing EUR 90 million to realise the first trambus system in Flanders and offer commuters an attractive alternative in the short term. This trambus will run from the Heizel to the airport and will also stop in front of Uplace. In this way the trambus will offer an additional means of public transport which gives visitors the opportunity to experience a day at Uplace. Read all about it at Http://