Retail: a mix of open-air pedestrian areas surrounded by greenery

Uplace will be the ultimate destination for an ideal day trip. Culture, entertainment, good food and drink, relaxation and… shopping. Visitors can chose between 270 new shops, along open air pedestrian paths amidst greenery.

The shops contribute to the total experience Uplace will provide by also making that experience a central theme. They have all signed a contract in which they commit to use new concepts in Uplace - shop concepts which we have not yet seen in Belgium.

Brands no longer view their concept shops as a pure sales location, but rather as an advertising or marketing channel. They want to show and present their products and services - and especially let people experience them. The focus is no longer on a pure, hard sell, but rather on introducing and convincing.
This is why Uplace will be complementary to the existing retail landscape.


When you think about a shopping centre, you think about a classic design and layout: fairly dark, long corridors, air-conditioning keeping a constant temperature the whole year round, and most of all: an artificial feeling.

In this sense too, Uplace is not a classic shopping centre. Because of its clever design the glass canopies offer protection against the wind and rain, but you are still walking in the open air. This means that Uplace is offering a different atmosphere and experience each season. The shopping streets all end in large, public squares and green areas adding additional experiences.