Retail: a mix of open-air pedestrian areas surrounded by greenery

Retail: a mix of open-air pedestrian areas surrounded by greenery


The shopping experience of the future

You’ll need quite a bit of imagination if you visit the Uplace site today to picture the future of shopping here. But in 2018, you’ll be able to see it for yourself. In what is currently a former industrial site, you’ll soon be able to discover what the shopping of tomorrow will look like. Brands no longer consider their concept stores as a point of sale, but as a marketing channel for their merchandise. They want to put their products on display, present them to the public and allow consumers to experience them hands-on. Customers can make their purchases later, in a local shop or online. At Uplace you can have a look around, discover, play and try things out. In short: experience them. What Uplace is offering today, still doesn’t exist. Thanks to its innovative and complementary character, this offer will enrich the existing retail trade. Many retailers are already aware of this and fully support the project.


Not a traditional shopping centre, but fresh air and greenery

As strong supporters of ecology, Uplace aims to maximise the project’s eco-friendliness both during the construction phase and after it opens. To avoid any unnecessary energy consumption, Uplace won’t have any indoor shopping streets. Smart architecture will protect visitors from wind and rain, but they’ll still be walking in the open air, surrounded by greenery. This will enable Uplace to offer a totally unique atmosphere and experience every season.