Retail of the future

Retail of the future


Uplace: retail of the future

Uplace offers a response to all the fast-paced changes the retail industry is currently undergoing. Shopping is now much more a leisure activity. People want their shopping experience to transcend the functional and the material. They want to discover things, have adventures, meet new people and be surprised. The surge of e-commerce has reinforced this trend. Brands can respond to it by using their shops more as experiential and marketing instruments. Brand value increasingly coincides with consumer enjoyment, and concept stores tick all the boxes and thus create this enjoyment. Are you a retailer and would you like to find out how your brand can be optimally perceived by the ‘new consumer’? We’d love to help you find ideas!


A top location for your brand

For retailers, Uplace’s attractive location close to Brussels, combined with smart mobility, make this densely populated area perfect to recruit and convert passers-by into visitors. Thanks to the well-thought-out mix of products, services and places to eat and drink, the retailers on site reinforce the customers’ well-being. Top retailers from all four corners of the world consider Belgium to be a prosperous testing ground for launching innovations and new formats, thanks to the open-mindedness of our fellow countrymen and the vast array of cultures present in our country. Furthermore, our country often serves as the ideal starting point for many businessmen and families who have come to visit Europe, or as the last stop before going back home. This means we have an international customer base at our fingertips.