Shopping & delivery in the year 2025

Everyone talks about e-commerce and the various retailers are looking for a new balance, because our buying behaviour is changing rapidly.

77% of Belgians who are active online have bought something through the internet. Five years ago that figure was 'only' 64%. And it’s happening more often en for more products.

One of the phenomena resulting from online sales is showrooming: people choose a product online, go to a shop to find the right size or colour and then go online again to buy the item. For many retailers, this is an annoying evolution, but there are also those who welcome and even encourage it by providing their products with scannable QR codes, and having computers or tablets ready onsite for customers to complete their purchase.

Shops have become showrooms, where brands show you what they can, have and do in order to convince customers to buy their products. You then go on to buy that product in a branch near you or immediately online.


For consumers, this approach has one big advantage: products are delivered to your home, so you can enjoy a whole day of shopping (literally) with your hands free and return home from Uplace much more easily too using public transport.