Shopping & delivery in 2020

Shopping & delivery in 2020

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Test outside, buy at home

The purchasing habits of modern consumers is changing rapidly. E-commerce is taking a bigger chunk of the market every day. People go to a shop to test a product, then purchase it online and have it delivered to their home. Going shopping is becoming more of a leisure activity than a functional purchase moment. And having a car to take the purchases home no longer fits the picture.

Parcel service and Bubble Post

Uplace obviously intends to provide a home delivery service for any purchases made on site. Green initiatives for eco-friendly transport are popping up everywhere. For instance, there is Bubble Post, a company that covers the last few kilometres of transport in town centres by cargo bike. A complete service without any extra environmental impact. A benefit for our future!

Drones: the start of democratic air traffic?

Belgium recently completed the legal framework for drones. Innovative entrepreneurs all over the world are currently testing their maximum load. Will drones help to reduce road congestion by transporting/delivering packets by air? Will our letterbox soon be on the roof? We shall keep track of these developments!