Shöpping in Stockholm: the experience stor(i)es

Shöpping in Stockholm: the experience stor(i)es

Mall of Scandinavia

Just because nobody knows everything, and because it’s such a lovely city, three Uplace employees spent two days in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. They looked around for inspirational ideas for our own project, Uplace Brussels.

On the program: old, new, refurbished and not-yet-completely-constructed shopping malls in and around Stockholm. All of them with either a movie theatre complex, or a hotel, office buildings or sports and/or leisure facilities. Just a reminder: Uplace will offer all of these. One one spot.

Here’s a short impression of what impressed us.

Mall of Scandinavia: overzichtMall of Scandinavia: two floors of shopping Walhalla, with a large experience centre on top of that. The centre offers indoor midget golf, laser shooting, bowling alleys and pool tables.




20160922_150754Mall of Scandinavia: the Design Gallery offers (next to bright coloured carpets) the ‘unusual’ experience stores. Just like this Aésop, where skin care products are offered in a not so ordinary set-up.




20160922_150911Mall of Scandinavia: more Design Gallery, with a pop-up store from the American Marshall brand. A wall filled with guitar amplifiers (that are not for sale). On the shelves: sunglasses, radio’s and headphones, all with the stylisch Marshall-brand. This is the first (and only) Marshall-shop, worldwide.




20160922_132114Mall of Scandinavia: no ordinary Starbucks. The ground level has open walls, the first floor is shielded with large windows. But the place is, above all, very cosy.




20160922_151112Mall of Scandinavia: Odd Molly recreates the living room-feeling in the Design Gallery. Even the wall paper changes with the collections.




20160922_152840Mall of Scandinavia: you have to admit: displaying jeans as if they were museum aritfacts is a smart way to create an entrance to your shop.



20160922_152801Mall of Scandinavia: the flagship avenue, where the top brands have their flagship store – hence the name. The shop windows are 8 metres high.




20160922_152435Mall of Scandinavia: much more than just fashion – there is ample space for home decoration.





20160922_151120Mall of Scandinavia: LED-screens are used to attract visitors – or turn visitors into customers.





20160922_152938Mall of Scandinavia: original display with this Volkswagen T1 van surfers-style.





20160922_153215Mall of Scandinavia: the Tesla store has one finished car, one chassis with e-engines, and displayed on the wall body elements in the different colours available.




20160922_171334Täby Centrum: a central square in the indoor mall. The piano player hasn’t arrived yet, but the sofa’s are well used.





20160923_115145Mood Stockholm: a mall in the midst of Stockholms business quarter.Focus on fast: fast service, fast food, fast drinks. Or the opposite: use your lunch break to relax and enjoy a facial massage. With selected music in your ears.




20160922_162417Täby Centrum: a very original coffee bar. With bean bags and (more importantly) an indoor terrace built like rafters (left on the picture). Drink a coffee, talk, work – and everybody has a view on what or who is walking by.




20160922_153404Mall of Scandinavia: design is everywhere – even in the huge outdoor benches at the entrance. Because you do need a rest after a visit.




20160923_115341Mood Stockholm: small-town stores in a city mall.





20160923_121110NK: a pop-up art exhibition. Temporary by definition, but very inviting.





20160923_150200Gallerian: lunch, tea with scones or just a regular drink: you can do it in style.





20160923_161726NK: you find the ‘new working’ approach everywhere in Stockholm. In hotel lobbies or in shopping malls: you’ll find plenty of wifi-points, chargers, electrical outlets and usb ports. Which is why you’ll see (young) people having coffee and conducting business meetings at the large tables.