Smart offices

Uplace ensures that all (office) buildings on the site are equipped with the latest technologies. As soon as you enter a building or the parking area your presence is taken into consideration. Sensors measure and remember what temperature you prefer at your workplace, how much light you need and who you like to be around so you no longer need to concern yourself with all that. Your meeting room is equipped with what you need - projection, light, etc. and is reserved for the number of participants attending the meeting.
The basic idea is to: let the building work for you. Unparalleled luxury, and on top of that we are saving energy. Because when there are fewer people present on a Wednesday, part of the workspace is left unheated and unlit!


In the spacious offices your dream team will soon feel at home. Regardless of the size or type of your company, Uplace provides an office tailor-made to your needs. The workplace is designed based on the needs of your company. The finishing touches and decoration reflect the identity of your company. And the fact that we are working in an ecological way, is beneficial to both of us.