Smoother and safer traffic in the neighbourhood

Uplace is located in a reconversion area at the foot of the Vilvoorde Viaduct inside the Brussels Ring Road. To bring this area back to life and at the same time improve accessibility, Uplace and the Flemish government have developed a sustainable mobility plan. Guaranteeing smooth and safe accessibility is one of the top priorities of Uplace. As a result the following will be provided in the area:


SAFE PEDESTRIAN PATHS AROUND UPLACE *** A NEW ENTRANCE AND EXIT COMPEX BETWEEN THE RING ROAD AND THE WOLUWELAAN *** EXTRA BICYCLE PATHS ON AND AROUND A GREENER WOLUWELAAN *** PUBLIC TRANSPORT IS STIMULATED AND SUBSTANTIALLY EXPANDED:  × The opening of a new train station Machelen-Kerklaan, less than 200 meters walking distance of Uplace × A shuttle bus between IC train station Vilvoorde - Uplace - Airport × In the long term the shuttle bus will be replaced by a tram *** THE INTERSECTIONS AROUND UPLACE ARE REMODELLED *** THE WOLUWELAAN IS REMODELLED TO INCREASE CAPACITY *** × A specially built bridge and tunnel ensure smooth and secure access to Uplace from the Woluwelaan X Through traffic to Machelen will go through a tunnel

Uplace invests EUR 20 million in mobility

All necessary mobility measures specifically taken to make Uplace more accessible will be fully paid for by Uplace itself. In concrete terms this means that we invest at least EUR 15.3 million into the construction of a bridge over and a tunnel under the Woluwelaan, as well as a cyclist tunnel and pedestrian paths. On top of that we have an agreement with De Lijn that we will pay EUR 500,000 annually for the high-frequency bus line passing by Uplace. This contribution supports the efforts currently made by the Flemish government and the municipality of Machelen to improve mobility in the northern Flemish periphery of Brussels. The master plan will be completed before Uplace is officially opened.


Details of the works

The works to improve accessibility to the reconversion zone have already begun. During the first phase the entrance and exit serving the ring road near the E19 will be opened. This is an interchange which was already constructed a long time ago but not yet finished. The interchange is now being completed to form a perfect link between the ring road, the E19 and the Woluwelaan. During the second phase the Woluwelaan will be remodelled. To guarantee a smooth traffic flow the capacity must be increased. For this reason the Woluwelaan is undergoing a thorough facelift and will be turned into a real green park road. A tunnel and a bridge will separate the through traffic from traffic to and from Uplace on the Woluwelaan. These adjustments - combined with an extension of the public transport network - should improve accessibility and the quality of life of the entire region. More information about the various construction sites and an overview of the current situation can be found on the website WerkenWoluwelaan.

To better understand what the residents think about mobility in the neighbourhood, we took to the streets to ask them directly. We gathered together the most frequently asked questions and submitted them to Dirk De Wulf, municipal councillor of Machelen in charge of mobility and thus an expert with experience. Read the urgent questions of the local residents here.

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