Spacious premises for entrepreneurs, startups, dentists, doctors, etc.

Spacious premises for entrepreneurs, startups, dentists, doctors, etc.


Work-life balance 2.0

Our private and working lives often intermingle. Thanks to Uplace, more than 3 000 people will be able to find a job close to home. What’s more, they’ll have more time to go and work out, go to the hairdressers, or go to the dentist during their lunch break or immediately after work, thus creating the feeling that there are more hours in a day – something not to be sniffed at in these extremely busy times. And for companies, this is also a major argument in the ‘talent war’!


Working in a landmark

The huge office space is spread between the impressive tower and the remainder of the Uplace site. The iconic 80-metre-high tower can be floodlit and is an architectural beacon, offering the creative industry plenty of opportunities. For instance, it would be a fantastic location for television studios. But there are countless other possibilities. Do you have the perfect idea for this extraordinary location? Don’t hesitate to contact us at to discuss your proposal!


A place for cross-pollination

Contacts between industries are a breeding ground for innovation, and the meeting rooms and conference rooms at Uplace support this knowledge transfer. Local as well as international entrepreneurs will find that Uplace offers an easily accessible base to operate from. There is also a particular focus on startups. While enjoying flexible leasing conditions, enabling them to translate their innovative ideas into a feasible business plan, they will also have the opportunity to meet other creative entrepreneurs.