Spotlight on sustainability

The aim of our project is to give this abandoned and polluted industrial site a new lease of life. Not only on an economic level, but also on a human level, by transforming it into a meeting place. To achieve this, responsible management of the environment is a must. We don’t simply want to reduce the impact of our activities in order to protect the environment; we also want a greener and more sustainable environment. Visitors to Uplace will be able to meet at the open central square, or relax in the big roof garden.

The highest possible ecological standard

We share the global concerns concerning the well-being of people and the environment. We are doing all we can to minimise the impact of our activities in order to protect our environment. Uplace’s goal is to be a carbon neutral project and we are aiming for the very ambitious BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate, a green standard for construction projects. All aspects of Uplace will have to meet the highest possible standards to achieve this quality label regarding the integration of the buildings, the materials used, the planned energy-saving measures, recycling of raw materials, etc. We shall be keeping a close eye on this, both in the building phase and when the project is up and running.

From grey to green

Uplace will be remediating 27 acres of soil next to the Vilvoorde viaduct, thus bringing a new spark of life to this neglected neighbourhood. This area, known as the Vilvoorde-Machelen Canal Zone, was marked by neglect and pollution for many years after the departure of factories such as Renault, Franki and Bonna Sabla. Now, several decades after the decline of the old industrial site, the Noordrand will be brought to life again through this carefully thought-out societal project.