Jan Van LanckerCEO since Uplace had its premier cru

    ‘I’ve been at Uplace since “the first harvest”, when plans were originally developed. The goal has been to make it a wonderful place with something on the menu to cater for everyone. I’m a culture lover myself. And not just of artistic endeavours: I’ve developed a taste for wine culture. These are passions that I can experience at Uplace. At just one destination, I’ll be free to enjoy theatre groups and international artists and try wines from all around the world. And there are a lot of other experiences to pursue at Uplace!”


    Jan first tasted career success as a lawyer, becoming a partner at Linklaters. But in 2004, he traded in his advisory role for true entrepreneurship. He was soon working to set up Eurinpro. When Uplace was established in 2007, he was front and centre, playing the dual role of inspiration and CEO. Jan studied Law at Ghent University and the University of Michigan. On top of his professional endeavours, he is an expert at enjoying day-to-day life.