Kristof LemahieuGeneral Counsel with a lengthy head start

    ‘Innovation puts you a step - or in my case, a length of the swimming pool - ahead of the competition. Uplace still has this advantage in the real estate sector, despite the different waves and currents we have encountered. My weekly dip in the swimming pool and my time on the cross trainer keep me fit, which is a must when you’re immersed in the complex legalities of a business like Uplace. I truly care about creating a bright future for the “Noordrand” region. I actually live here myself, so I am sure that my family will also find it a great place to relax!’


    Kristof was working as a lawyer with Linklaters when Bart Verhaeghe and Jan Van Lancker approached him to set the socio-economic project, Uplace, afloat. With a master’s degree in Law, he knows all there is to know about the financing and licencing at Uplace. And as legislation and society itself are constantly changing, Kristof has spent hours delving deeply into literature of all sorts, on the lookout for new ways of making our experience centre even stronger!