Lies De SmedtCommunication manager off court

    ‘In a game of doubles, my communication skills sometimes disappear. My drive to go all out for the ball takes the upper hand. But during the day, my discussions with the Uplace team are especially inspiring. I’m happy to include the added value and the enormous importance of Uplace for the region in my communication. For the residents, the traders and for ever so many more people, Uplace is creating a beautiful future for the Noordrand area.’


    For eleven years, Lies was on the other side of the communication around Uplace: in front of and off the camera for RINGtv. She was born and raised in the Noordrand area and knows very well that the region needs a nice and versatile destination. Besides tennis, Lies also likes to unwind with good food and drinks, shopping or seeing a show. She’ll soon be able to do them all at one location: Uplace!