Marc AwoutersCTO in the highest gear

    ‘Make it happen: that’s the starting point for me. And that slogan has taken on a special meaning with my appointment as the technical director at Uplace, a strong project but one with unnecessary delays. As an engineer, I want to see results: from the original concept behind Uplace to its concrete realisation. It’s a top-quality gem, geared to offer relaxation, enjoyment and a unique experience to every generation. It motivates me enormously to know that as the CTO, I can figuratively and literally make a contribution.’


    Marc is a civil engineer.  He has used his expertise to help shape a major Belgian bank (Belfius). When the opportunity arose to set the unique Uplace project in motion, he grabbed it with both hands. In his free time, Marc is a passionate mountain biker—a hobby where speed and balance go hand in hand!