Everything you need to know about mobility

Everything you need to know about mobility


Uplace will be investing EUR 15 million

It is in Uplace’s best interest to ensure everyone can arrive here and leave again without any problem. That is why we are helping to find ways to optimise mobility in the area. Uplace is acting as a catalyst in this context and it is partly thanks to its pioneering role that the government has been working hard over the past few years to considerably improve road capacity in the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone. These works are independent from the Uplace project and will be carried out by the Flemish government no matter what. Uplace is contributing EUR 15 million to the works.

More about the mobility measures:


Car traffic

Planned infrastructure works for the reconversion zone and Uplace

Sub-project 1: Redevelopment of the Ring/E19 cloverleaf

Currently, if you are coming from Ghent, you take exit 5 on the Ring direction Machelen, which takes you onto Woluwelaan. This exit will be closed and replaced by existing infrastructure a bit further down the road, where the E19/Ring cloverleaf is situated. This is an entry/exit complex that hasn’t been used for decades. The complex is being renovated and will have a modern connection to Woluwelaan. Once it is finished, traffic coming from the Ring to Machelen/Woluwelaan will be able to access Woluwelaan via this exit. Furthermore, it will serve as the access road to the Ring in the future, something which has been lacking in Machelen and Diegem up until now.

This means that for visitors to Uplace, there will be a connection to the Ring via Woluwelaan, with sufficient buffer capacity to ensure a smooth flow of traffic on the Ring and on Woluwelaan.

In practical terms:

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Sub-project 2: Redevelopment of Woluwelaan

The various aspects of the redevelopment of Woluwelaan are dealt with on a separate page.

1. Uplace project entry and exit (bridge and tunnel connection with Woluwelaan)
2. Tunnel on Woluwelaan for Diegem–Machelen through traffic near the new Ring/Woluwelaan connection
3. Redevelopment of Nieuwbrugstraat junction
4. Redevelopment of Beaulieustraat/Woluwelaan junction
5. Redevelopment of Woluwelaan

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Additional information on the redevelopment of Woluwelaan

Sub-projects 3 & 4: Redevelopment of Kerklaan/Haachtsesteenweg junction

The Woluwelaan or R22 redevelopment also involves sub-projects 3 and 4. Although this doesn’t directly concern the improved access to Uplace, it should nonetheless be mentioned as part of the whole redevelopment works:

  • Redevelopment of Woluwelaan/Kerklaan junction = Sub-project 3
  • Redevelopment of Woluwelaan/Haachtsesteenweg junction = Sub-project 4

Conclusion: These sub-projects will considerably optimise road capacity in and around the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion area, thus ensuring smooth access – even after Uplace has opened.


Cycle and pedestrian paths & surrounding streets

1. Footpath to Kerklaan station


In collaboration with the commune of Machelen, Uplace will provide a footpath between the project and the new Kerklaan station.

2. Footpath to Machelen centre
The commune of Machelen will provide a footpath to Machelen centre. Here are some 3D images of what it will look like:

Figuur 2.2.22Figuur 2.2.21.

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3. Surrounding streets

The commune of Machelen and Uplace have developed a plan together for the surrounding streets. They will be completely redeveloped and new sewers will be installed as well as pedestrian and cycle paths. Uplace is making part of its land available for these public infrastructures. Planning permission for the redevelopment of the surrounding streets has already been granted.

Public Transport

1. Shuttle bus between Vilvoorde IC railway station – Uplace – Brussels Airport
Public transport has also been taken into account in the redevelopment of Woluwelaan (sub-project 2). A bus lane will be provided, which will initially be used by a high-frequency shuttle bus between Vilvoorde IC railway station and Brussels Airport, with a special stop at Uplace. The bus route will be added to the existing bus lines currently servicing the reconversion area. The shuttle bus provides an ideal connection with existing public transport, i.e. Vilvoorde IC railway station and the airport.

AFB 20

2. Tram
In the longer term, the shuttle bus will be replaced by the ‘Ring tram’, a tram line for Flemish Brabant currently under development by De Lijn, which will also run on the bus lane with a special stop for Uplace. The tram should be operational by 2020. Here you can see the location of the bus stop (future tram stop) at Uplace.

AFB 23AFB 22AFB 21
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3. New railway station at Kerklaan
Within the framework of the upcoming RER network, Infrabel, SNCB and the Flemish Government will be responsible for building a new train station at Kerklaan, with a second exit on Nieuwbrugstraat. A 200-m footpath will link it to Uplace.

The stop serves existing train lines 25 and 26 to Mechelen and Antwerp in the north, and to Brussels and Halle in the south. With a frequency of four trains per hour in all directions during peak hours, this RER station will bring plenty of visitors to Uplace by public transport.

The station will be ready before Uplace opens. The commune of Machelen is currently working on a project for the redevelopment of Kerklaan as a pedestrian boulevard, opening onto the square in front of the new Kerklaan station.

Infrabel and SNCB are currently preparing the planning permission application. It is expected to be ready for submission in the summer of 2015 and should be granted by the end of 2015.

GEN diegem

List of planned new public transport measures:

Openbaar vervoer

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List of planned new public transport measures:


Car traffic

Sub-project 1 (DP1)

  • Redevelopment of the Brussels Ring and E19 cloverleaf
  • New Ring – Woluwelaan exit & connection to Woluwelaan
  • Closure of exit 5 (Machelen)
  • Schedule: works scheduled to begin after summer 2015

Sub-project 2 (DP2)

  • Redevelopment of Woluwelaan into a ‘green avenue’
  • Uplace project entry and exit (bridge and tunnel connection with Woluwelaan)
  • Woluwelaan tunnel, through traffic from Diegem to Machelenn
  • Redevelopment of Nieuwbrugstraat/Woluwelaan junction
  • Redevelopment of Beaulieustraat/Woluwelaan junction
  • Schedule: partly simultaneous with DP1

Sub-project 3 (DP3)

  • Redevelopment of Woluwelaan & Haachtstesteenweg junction
  • Schedule: 2017-2018

Sub-project 4 (DP4)

  • Redevelopment of Woluwelaan & Kerklaan junction
  • Schedule: 2018
Cycle and pedestrian paths & surrounding streets
  • Cycle and pedestrian paths
  • Redevelopment of surrounding streetsn
  • Planning permission granted already
  • Implementation can start
  • Schedule: 2018
Public transport


  • Bus and tram lane
    • Schedule: part of sub-project 2 Redevelopment of Woluwelaan
  • Shuttle bus: Vilvoorde IC railway station – Uplace – Brussels Airport
    • Agreement with De Lijn has been signed
    • Schedule: operational before the opening of Uplace
  • Tram line: Jette-Vilvoorde-Uplace-Brussels Airport-Tervuren
    • Schedule: operational by 2020
  • Kerklaan railway station
    • Schedule: operational before the opening of Uplace