The licensing process: from concept to a vibrant world of experiences

·         2004: Idea and concept of Uplace.

·         2005: Start of the Master Plan Reconversion Vilvoorde-Machelen.

·         2007: The Flemish government organises a contest for the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone. Uplace participates.

·         2009: Uplace becomes the winner of the reconversion contest.

·         2009: Signing of the Brownfield Covenant with the Flemish Government: an agreement between the Flemish Government and the developer to remediate and redevelop abandoned contaminated industrial sites.

·         2010: A trade premises permit is issued.

·         2010: Signing of the new Brownfield Agreement with the new Flemish Government. All Flemish parties except ‘Groen’ and ‘Vlaams Belang’ confirm their support for the project in this way.

·         2011: The reconversion zone Vilvoorde-Machelen is created.

·         2011: The urban planning permit is issued.

·         2012: The environmental permit is issued.

·         So far: 8 public consultation procedures, during which everyone was given the opportunity to be heard and to formulate objections. The Flemish Government and Uplace provided satisfactory answers to all questions. Only 8 objections were formulated during the entire licensing procedure, which were all answered. None of the residents in the region has raised any objections during all those public consultation procedures.

·         Uplace is fully licensed.

·         2014: Annulment of the environmental permit and the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone permit by the Council of State.

·         2014: Unanimously positive recommendation from the highest Flemish environmental administration.

·         2015: Signing of the Brownfield Covenant with the third Flemish Government and a new plan for the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion zone. The Flemish Government reaffirms, for the third time, its support for the project.

·         2015: 9th public consultation procedure.

·         2015: Final approval of the Spatial Implementation Plan VSGB, of which Uplace forms part, by the entire Flemish Government.

·         2016: New environmental permit.

·         2016: Annulment of the planning permit and issue of a new planning permit.

·         2017: March 30th: environmental permit suspended