The power of concept stores

The power of concept stores


A strong mix of brands and magic

Uplace has space available for 300 innovative concept stores that will have very little in common with traditional retailers. Whereas shopping used to be synonymous with buying, concept stores revolve around ‘experience’. Brands are developing stores that allow you to explore, have fun and, of course, discover their latest products. These places are entirely focused on your experience and far less on sales. Examples include the workshops at the Apple Stores, birthday parties at M&M, the DJs at Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. This mix of brands and magic will make Uplace a place for total relaxation rather than a simple shopping centre. People will come for fun and pleasure, to discover new things and have a great day out.

Professor Bernd Schmitt tells you what experiences and relaxing are all about in the 21st century.


More free time thanks to service providers

The sophisticated mix of service providers in the vast space dedicated to offices will help you get more done in a single day. While your kids go out to explore, you can pop into the dentist’s or the doctor’s, take your clothes to the dry cleaner’s, make the most of your gym subscription or get your hair done. And while you sit down with your family for lunch, you’ll realise that your to-do list has already been reduced by half, allowing you to relax while deciding what to do in the afternoon based on what is currently on offer. Thanks to our third places, you will seem to have even more hours in your day!