The Uplace forest keeps on growing

The 6.000 trees that were planted next to our offices last year, got some new neighbours last month. In February, activists illegally left some pine branches at the Uplace site in Machelen. We replaced these branches by 25 healthy beeches in Strombeek-Bever, next to our current Uplace offices.

In April last year, Uplace planted 6.000 new trees in Strombeek-Bever right next to the current offices of the team. When searching for a new destination for the agricultural land of more than 2 hectares, we came across the non-profit association Bosgroep Groene Corridor. Together with the association and the blessing of the authorities of municipal Grimbergen and the Flemish Government, we decided to plant 6.000 new indigenous trees. Good news for the green belt around Brussels and the Flemish forest resources.

When earlier this year a few activists illegally left some pine branches at the Uplace site in Machelen, we immediately decided to replace them by 25 healthy beeches and planted them next to the 6.000 trees who have already been growing firmly. We obviously share the concerns about climate and emission. We put all our efforts in place to develop Uplace into an environmental friendly project, in line with the recognition by the recent unanimous positive advice of the highest Flemish Environmental administration. We are rolling up our sleeves and off course consider the future of our children and grandchildren. We therefor are searching for ways to help solve this societal issue. By implementing functional green in and around the project, green roofs, rooftop terraces and developing a lot of open squares and streets where green elements will play a major role. Bushes and plants are specially selected to add to the air- and environmental quality of the project and the broader neighbourhood.