The workplace of the future

Your space

Uplace’s spacious offices will soon be like a second home to your dream team. Regardless of how big your company is or what it does, Uplace will provide you with an office tailored to your needs. A workplace designed and built in accordance with your company’s requirements, and finished and decorated to reflect your company identity. And the fact that it is done in an eco-friendly way is positive for everyone.



Your time

Uplace is creating an environment that meets the basic requirements of today’s employees: to accomplish a lot in little time. Employees also want to be able to relax and stay fit outside work.  That is why we are offering a wide choice of restaurants, a dry cleaner’s, childcare facilities and a fitness centre.


Your rhythm

Are you thinking of developing your company in a top location close to Brussels? Email us at and together we’ll get your project on the road.