Towards smoother and safer traffic

Towards smoother and safer traffic

Woluwelaan fietsers(low)

Works aimed at ensuring a better connection between the surrounding areas and the reconversion zone have already started. During the first phase, a new exit from the ring will be used, with the aim of ensuring smoother through traffic. In the coming years, there will be a great deal of works in the area surrounding Woluwelaan in Machelen. In order to limit the nuisance caused by these works, and so that they are executed in the best conditions, the works will be coordinated by the “Werken Woluwelaan” (Woluwelaan Works) platform. The aim of this platform is to inform inhabitants, contractors and all other people involved. “Werken Woluwelaan” is a collaboration agreement between AWV, Eandis, Uplace, FARYS, the Building Authority and the commune of Machelen. For more information on how the situation is progressing, go to

And what about the works specific to Uplace? On 17 July 2015, the Flemish government approved the mobility agreement concluded between the Flemish Region, De Lijn, the commune of Machelen and Uplace. It contains concrete agreements concerning the mobility measures specifically associated with Uplace. All the measures taken regarding the project’s accessibility will be fully covered by Uplace. In concrete terms, this means that Uplace will invest a total of EUR 15.3 million to build a bridge and a tunnel providing a link to Woluwelaan, as well as cycle and pedestrian paths. What’s more, Uplace has concluded an agreement with the transport company De Lijn. In the four years following the project’s opening date, Uplace will pay De Lijn EUR 500,000 a year for the bus service that will come to Uplace. The total amount of EUR 15.3 million is an estimate. If the actual cost turns out to be higher, Uplace’s bill will go up.

Uplace gets ready

Things are happening at Uplace! During the past few years, large amounts have been invested to transform this wasteland into an exciting meeting place for everyone. The abandoned industrial buildings have been demolished and the land has already been partly decontaminated and cleaned. To ensure the safety and the cleanliness of the neighbourhood, Uplace will also demolish two empty houses and the DK Rental building on the land in the next few months. Uplace wants to be a good neighbour, even before the first stone has been laid.