Uplace starts new commercialization phase @ MIPIM 2017

  • Construction starts before summer 2017
  • More than 50% of commercial space, cinema and theatre secured
  • Next phase focuses on offices, hotel and other leisure activities
  • Experience Uplace in virtual reality @ MIPIM


The Belgian innovative experience destination Uplace, scheduled to open in 2019, is present for the first time at MIPIM. Given its uniqueness it will be one of the projects in the spotlight at the Belgian Pavilion. Uplace will start construction before the summer 2017. With already more than 50% of the commercial space secured, Uplace announces at MIPIM a new phase of the commercialization phase of the mixed-use project. Uplace will combine 52,000 sqm of state of the art office space, a 180 key boutique hotel, a 3,000 seats theatre, green squares, a deluxe cinema with ten movie theatres, 270 experience stores and 50 cosmopolitan bars and restaurants. At MIPIM 2017 the spotlight will be mainly on the innovative and modern offices spread over an iconic office tower of 95 m and flexible low rise buildings, the boutique hotel, and the numerous leisure activities.

A unique environment which allows today’s employees to accomplish a lot in little time

Uplace, in Machelen, north of Brussels, is located in the heart of Europe and Belgium and will transform the area into one of the most thrilling and innovative mixed use neighbourhoods in the Benelux. “More than 50% of the commercial space secured more than two years before opening means that the market is hot for Uplace”, says COO Ignace Bultijnck. “We’ve also signed partners to exploit the theatre, the cinema’s and are finalising a deal for the kid’s entertainment zone. We’re convinced we’ll encounter the same enthusiasm for the vibrant offices space and other leisure activities we put on the market”, continues Bultijnck.

Uplace is creating an environment that meets the basic requirements of today’s employees: to accomplish a lot in little time. They want to be able to work and relax, stay fit, go out with friends. That is why Uplace seamlessly brings together spacious offices, exciting brands, cafes and restaurants from all over the world, sensational recreation facilities such as a wellness and fitness space, a deluxe cinema and music hall, a childcare centre. A boutique on-site hotel is there to welcome foreign business contacts. With its oasis of public greenery and almost 6,000 parking places, Uplace will become a vibrant one-stop destination for top talent in the Benelux and the perfect tool to win the race for talent”, stresses Bultijnck.

Iconic office tower with extraordinary views overlooking the north of Brussels

The iconic tower dominates the Uplace development, creating a new landmark in Brussels and offering a prestigious flagship address for any business wishing to make a lasting impression. The 95-meter-high tower delivers a dramatic first impression of the project for people to pass by on their way through Brussels and the perfect opportunity for exceptional brand visibility. 17 floors of each about 1,000 sqm offering incredible space and enviable views across Brussels. The landmark tower is topped by a spectacular rooftop restaurant with a skybar and a viewing platform overlooking the urban Brussels landscape.

In addition, the four low-rise office blocks of each about 9,000 sqm, form an outward facing urban edge to the complex, while calmer green spaces and charming courtyards punctuate the interior.

Perfectly accessible and seamless connection with all major Belgian cities and Brussels International airport

Uplace is right in the middle of several tramway and bus lines coming from all directions, serving all major Belgian cities and connecting with international high-speed rail. A brand new regional train station is only a few steps away and a new tramway is on its doorstep. With its direct access via bus and tram to Brussels Airport, Uplace also welcomes international visitors who want to make the most of this incredibly well-situated location. At the crossroad of several major highways, the newly built road infrastructure will connect Uplace with the most important highways going through Belgium. Cyclists enjoy purpose built bike paths to Uplace and can park securely, and plenty of public access has been created through walkways and boulevards.

Walk through Uplace in virtual reality @ MIPIM

 Uplace starts the construction works before Summer, and plans to open its doors in 2019. Pending that grand opening, Uplace and a promising young Belgian company, Nanopixel, created a state of the art virtual realisation of the complete project, second to none. Visitors can walk through the corridors, visit the theatre, witness the cinema, enjoy the central square or the roof garden, and do some actual window shopping. Every single detail in the VR-experience has been designed: the floor tiles, as well as the lights, plants, the green terraces that are present on every level, with music matching the different socio-demographic areas of Uplace. “This virtual reality tool of Uplace is extremely useful and innovative for our commercial contacts”, says COO Ignace Bultijnck. “We are able to guide our existing and potential lease customers through a specially designed B2B version of the virtual reality experience where they can actually sense the spaces they will lease. The tool can also be used by architects and contractors to choose the different types of interior decorating and design materials and see whether they match”, specifies Ignace Bultijnck. This particular way of visualizing the complete Uplace project is truly in line with the DNA of Uplace: being an innovative real estate company which is always one step ahead of the market. Even in the development phase Uplace dares to think out of the box. “The Uplace Virtual Experience” is located on the Uplace stand at the Belgian Pavilion P1.B 9, P3.B 1