Uplace confirmed by the Flemish Government for the third time

On Friday 13 February, the Flemish Government achieved two important milestones with regard to Uplace and the many other projects within the entire Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion area, which covers a total of 250 hectares. The government decided to rezone the area. For the Uplace project, this means that it can be implemented without any restrictions. The Flemish Government also confirmed its commitment and support for the unchanged Uplace project in a third Brownfield agreement. These decisions are very positive for the entrepreneurial climate in Flanders and they consolidate legal certainty. They also mean a great deal for economic progress in the region. Uplace alone will provide 3 180 permanent jobs in the region. The 11 hectares adjacent to Vilvoorde bridge, where our project is located, will be given a new economic impetus. This marks the beginning of prosperity and well-being in a region that has desperately needed it for so long. The Flemish Government has asked Uplace to sign a new Brownfield agreement, confirming the agreements already made with the previous two governments, as well as the entire scope of our project. In response to the remarks made by the Council of State, the Brownfield agreement was cleared from any possible signs of bias. Furthermore, the Flemish Government confirmed the rezoning of the Vilvoorde-Machelen reconversion area, which continues to include Uplace. These two decisions mean a great step forward for our innovative multifunctional project. A public investigation will be carried out in the next few months, after which the Flemish Government will confirm the definitive plans for the entire area. We will of course inform you of any important developments in this process.