Uplace on track

2015 was a dynamic year for our reconversion project, during which we achieved a number of important milestones. After the highest Flemish environment administration (GMVC) delivered a unanimously positive recommendation in late 2014, the entire Flemish Government provisionally approved Uplace’s zoning in February 2015. In May 2015, the 10th public participation session for Uplace was held. The participation brought no new elements to light, so the Flemish Government was able to definitively greenlight Uplace on 2 December 2015. The past year, we listened well to the concerns expressed and worked hard to dispel them. With an updated website, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, two information bulletins, information sessions for the neighbouring municipalities, and an information day for local residents, we are doing the very best we can in order to inform everyone as best as possible. We are now definitely on track and, together with you, we are looking forward to an undoubtedly special 2016. Of course, we will continue to steer this course and provide information and commentary about Uplace. So stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.