Visit Uplace in virtual reality

The innovative experience destination Uplace, scheduled to open in 2019, can already be fully experienced today, in virtual reality. This is a European première as never before has a European real estate project of this scale (190.000 sqm) been transformed into virtual reality. For the first time Uplace can be virtually experienced.

Uplace created together with a promising young Belgian company, Nanopixel, a state of the art virtual realisation of the complete project, second to none. Visitors can walk through the corridors, visit the theatre, witness the cinema, enjoy the central square or the roof garden, and do some actual window shopping. Every single detail in the VR-experience has been designed: the floor tiles, as well as the lights, plants, the green terraces that are present on every level, with music matching the different socio-demographic areas of Uplace. “This virtual reality tool of Uplace is extremely useful and innovative for our commercial contacts”, says COO Ignace Bultijnck. “We are able to guide our existing and potential lease customers through a specially designed B2B version of the virtual reality experience where they can actually sense the spaces they will lease. The tool can also be used by architects and contractors to choose the different types of interior decorating and design materials and see whether they match”, specifies Ignace Bultijnck. This particular way of visualizing the complete Uplace project is truly in line with the DNA of Uplace: being an innovative real estate company which is always one step ahead of the market. Even in the development phase Uplace dares to think out of the box.

Uplace Brussels will combine state of the art office space, a boutique hotel, a 3,000 seats theatre, green squares, a deluxe cinema with ten movie theatres, 270 experience stores and 50 cosmopolitan bars and restaurants. More than half of the potential lease unites have been secured, which is a real success and proves the market is excited about an experience destination in the heart of Europe. Uplace is conveniently located on the Brussels beltway, a stone’s throw away from Brussels airport and is easily accessible by public transportation such as bus and train. Uplace hopes to be fully permitted again by end of 2016, ready to start building in 2017 and opening in 2019.