Walking, enjoying and discovering in a green environment

Walking, enjoying and discovering in a green environment


An oasis of public greenery

The scene of neglect offered by today’s polluted industrial sites will soon be transformed by refined aesthetics, and people will be able to enjoy a stroll through the greenery instead. Local residents will be able to meet in an ever-changing environment offering countless activities, restaurants and services.

The design of the green spaces was based on the following principles:

  • Intensive planting along the access roads;
  • The creation of green spaces in and around the building complex;
  • The presence of water as a calming element;
  • Green walls as an additional visual element in the surroundings.


Functional greenery

Functional greenery has been the subject of a great deal of research in Europe in the past few years. Well-chosen and well-placed vegetation creates numerous advantages for air quality, ambient noise and well-being. The green environment that will soon surround you at Uplace will thus contribute to the quality of life of the wider surroundings.