Avez vous rencontre l’équipe de Triathlon de Uplace?

Take 10 world class triathletes

Corinne Abraham, Bart Aernouts, Liz Blatchford, Dirk Bockel, Will Clarke, Helle Fredriksen, Sofie Goos, Romain Guillaume, Ronnie Schildknecht and Axel Zeebroek. Our strength is in their numbers: 10 world-class triathletes, 39 Ironman titles, 75 Ironman podium finishes and 7 top-10 spots in the Ironman Hawaii. With more than 40 races on the 2014 schedule, the red team is coming soon to a triathlon near you.  

Give them the best materials, support and R&D

The Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team brings together two success stories to create one of the biggest projects triathlon has ever seen. In 2010, the Belgian lifestyle real estate group Uplace was the driving force behind the creation of the Uplace Pro Triathlon Team, the only Belgian professional triathlon team at the time. The goal was to record top Belgian results in international triathlon. Three years, 12 Ironman victories and 19 Ironman podium finishes later, that ambitious objective was met. BMC Switzerland is a long-established name in the cycling industry. With its three brands –BMC, Stromer and Bergamont– the Swiss cycling company has an annual turnover CHF 160 million. The company has an extensive expertise and track record in team cycling with the BMC Racing Team and the BMC MTB Team. Until 2013, BMC Switzerland only sponsored individual triathletes, including Andreas and Michael Raelert, Ronnie Schildknecht, Sven Riederer, and Laura and Greg Bennett. Relying on the expertise it has built running a professional triathlon team, Uplace is responsible for the operational management of the Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team. Its five dedicated departments – operations, marketing, athletic, bike-technical and medical – provide the athletes and their coaches with coordinated professional support. BMC Switzerland provides the athletes with perfectly tuned TM01 Time Machine bikes. They also enjoy the support of the BMC technical staff and the latest advances in BMC bike technology. The athletes get top professional advice and guidance from a team of experts, including the Bakala Academy (testing), Ben De Wolf (sports director), Roel Parys (team doctor), Maarten Thysen (strength and stabilization) and its own team of bike mechanics. They also receive world-class support and materials from team partners Shimano, Pro, Pearl Izumi, BMW Le Couter, Etixx, Tacx, Giro, fi’zi:k, Continental, adidas eyewear, sailfish, Sands Beach Active, Assumax, Lululemon, Best Swim Centre, Compressport and Sportoase.  

And let them work together to become even better and achieve greatness in long distance triathlon

We want to be the best team in long distance triathlon. Period. The ultimate goal: to win the Ironman Hawaii. We believe that in today’s triathlon, it takes a team to achieve those ambitious objectives. Shared access to the best resources and support is an important benefit. But for Uplace-BMC, it’s also about working with your teammates to achieve individual goals. Because nobody understands your challenges better than they do. So we push and support each other every day. We train, suffer, laugh, and ultimately achieve greatness together. http://www.uplacebmctriathlon.com/team/